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  Prayer Group


         For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their 

         prayers: ....  1 Peter 3:12

         .......The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.   James 5:16

         Prayer is the core of our church along with fasting.  We believe an open heart to God

        in prayer causes things to change in a person life.  Join us for prayer online from

                  6 am to 6:30 am Monday through Friday.

                  Dial 302-202-1106 enter code 803760 (a toll-free call)


  Outreach Group

       Training and disciplining believers to reach their relatives, neighbors, friends,

         co-workers, and those with whom they come in contact is a    

        demonstration of Jesus Christ by witnessing and winning the lost to Christ.

        By evangelizing their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  Membership Program

       This course is designed for you to learn more about the Deliverance Church

        Vision, things pertaining to church growth, and other aspects of our church. 

        Our goal is for you to realize you are a part of our family and we want

        you to get involved.     Sign up for our member's course online.  Go

        to the members' section to sign in.                                                               Join us!



  Worship Team

         Our worship team provides worship helping you to enter into His presence.  Our doors are to volunteer     

  Women’s Ministry

        The Women's Ministry is designed to be a reinforcement of who they are in Christ.  

        Helping them to know who they are as women of God and what they are able to 

        accomplish in Christ.  Christ in them the Hope of Glory.


  Men’s Ministry

       The Men's Ministry is designed to be a reinforcement of who they are in Christ.  Helping them know who         they are as men of God and what they are able to accomplish in Christ.  Christ in them the  Hope of Glory.


  Children's Ministry

       We offer a SuperKids program which is a place where children can come together to hear and know the             Word of God and watch movies demonstrating God's word and love.    They will learn how to put God's     

       word first, as they learn to trust God in everything they do.   As they practice being a doer the of the word         they will hear and see it at work in their everyday lives.  Coming Soon 2023



      Our weekly School of the Bible is designed to help believers to get grounded in the word of God; teaching         and showing non-believers how to receive the word.  Strengthening all believers and helping them to form       a relationship with God through prayer, fasting, and attendance.  This will help everyone to enlarge their 

     vision by becoming a leader in the ministry.    



      Is designed to broaden our member's horizons and those that view our website with various

      books, bible, music, and literature in-house and online.  2023



Word of Faith Bible School

    To Be Announced












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