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The book  “Angels, What You Need To Know About Them” will enlighten the reader on a subject matter that has been overlooked. Although there is an abundance of mentioning of angels in the Bible the nature of this revelation is void of the same kind of explicit descriptions we find on other subject matters developed in scripture. The reference to angels in scripture is always in relation to some other subject matter. Therefore, the subject of angels in scripture is not addressed in itself but relational. As you view this content it will uncover some mysteries in the past regarding Angels before creation and during creation and even now.  Note:  Angelic beings have special assignments and you will view their assignment in relationship to mankind also, Angels in relationship to them being good or evil as well as their future.


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visit: https://www.amazon.com/Angels-What-You-Need-Know-ebook/dp/B00KJ0W6KI

This study of the names of God denotes and conveys the character by which God is known, giving purpose and characteristics of His nature. Understanding God through His names will help the reader to understand the natural attributes as well as the moral attributes of God. This will build ones faith as they explore God through His names and get to know who they are in relationship to the Jehovahistic Names of God. As you study these various names of God it will be an enrichment in your walk of faith, for they indicate His strength and His relationship with His people as well as His creation.  It has been said of God, "Himself is His name, and His name is Himself". 


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visit:  https://www.amazon.com/Study-Names-God-Roosevelt-Burns-ebook/dp/B00LYDWK50




In this book, Roosevelt Burns gives simple insight to the power of tongues and what it is for. Letting the reader know that is a supernatural gift given for spiritual service. For the power one possess through this gift comes from the baptism with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. This powerful book is easy to read and will enlighten the reader in intercession, divers tongues and more.



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visit:  https://www.amazon.com/Tongues-What-Roosevelt-Burns-ebook/dp/B00UXURWSA

As you read The Pure “D” Word, it's designed to help you in every situation of life. In this book you will learn how to have faith in God, what faith is and how to plead you case when going before the Father. God’s word is true, it's alive, active and can be a mighty force in ones life if they're willing to believe what the Bible says only. You also will learn how healing faith works and how you can activate it through faith in God. For the word of God will bring results in every area of life.



To purchase:

Visit:  https://www.amazon.com/PURE-D-WORD-Roosevelt-Burns-ebook/dp/B00MJ8C7RU

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