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We're Building Faith, Building Ministries -

Changing Lives through Discipleship

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Verrona Burns Brown, Th.D

Dear Friend,


Thank you for taking the time to visit, getting to know us.  We are a church with no wall, with you in mind.   Our mission is to disciple believers in the knowledge of God’s word by knowing who they are and the unlimited power they possess as they walk in the principle of faith and love in their everyday lives.  


Our goal as a family of believers is to reach the world with the knowledge of Jesus Christ, impacting their lives with the love of God as we all grow together in love as a family.   

For this is the place to see God manifest what he has said in His word in your life.   If

you're looking for a place to call home, come and meet me in the house. 


“Faith is the Key to Victorious Living.”

Verrona Burns-Brown

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