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Our Doors Are Opening!

We will be opening our doors to the church on July 21, 2020,4 we're coming back to a regular church setting, by holding

physical church services while observing social distancing, sanitation, and personal protection guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  1. Church has been disinfected

  2. Church sanitation will be provided in the lavatories and on the window seal

  3. Face Mask – for volunteers 

  4. Tithes and offering envelops

    1. We will have tithes and offering envelops in each  window seal

    2. ​People can pick their envelopes up from the back      table or the window seal

    3. Your offering can be dropped in the basket at the        front of the church when it is time the give.  The      Usher will direct the rows, one row at a time on each side.  You are welcome to continue to give online at under online giving by pressing the    donate button and follow directions, or you can give texting CODMG to 54244

  5. The church doors will be open at 7:45 am.

    1. Praying from 8 am until 8:55 am

  6. Praise and Worship team will not be standing close    together

    1. Three spread out in the pulpit, and three spread out on the step while allowing three to be spread out on the floor.

    2. Every other role will be sealed off at the church to allow for spacing and singing.

    3. I would like for all family members to sit together.        But if you prefer not to be with your family member,    and sit on the same row with another person.  Make  sure there are at least two or three seats between you and the person next to you.  

  7. If you are experiencing symptoms or if you are not ready to assemble with a large group of people, you can view our service online.  If you are unable to go online, the    conference line will be open by dialing 302-202-1106 and enter the code 883862, and you will be connected.  Past    the word to those that are shut-in.

  8. Communion – We will have communion the first Sunday we are back and after that, the first Sunday of every month. 

  9. Prayer Cloths will be available for those of you who would  like one, located on the altar.  If you know some who is sick let us to know.

Dear Friend,


Thank you for taking the time to visit, getting to know us.  We are a church with no wall, with you in mind.   Our mission is to disciple believers in the knowledge of God’s word by knowing who they are and the unlimited power they possess as they walk in the principle of faith and love in their everyday lives.  


Our goal as a family of believers is to reach the world with the knowledge of Jesus Christ, impacting their lives with the love of God as we all grow together in love as a family.   

Verrona Burns Brown

 Bishop,  The Apostle

For this is the place to see God manifest what he has said in His word in your life.   If

you're looking for a place to call home, come and meet me in the house. 


“Faith is the Key to Victorious Living.”

Bishop Verrona Burns-Brown, The Apostle